Sunday, May 22, 2016

The transformation of a dress

A few months back we introduced you to Caylee Couture, a new project for Danya's Gift named after a little angel who fought hard her whole, but short life.  I met Caylee's Momma while doing some volunteering at the hospital. She has become one of our board members and when it came time to name this project Caylee was the right choice. When a dress is donated I have promised to take a photo of the dress, and then all that it becomes. These photos will always be shared on our Facebook page. Often it seems like there should be more outfits made out of a gown, but remember that sue to seams and decoration some times parts of the dress end up to small to make a full piece. This means that I save these parts and use them to accessorize or piece together an outfit from the parts of other dresses.

It is fitting then that I share with you Caylee's Grandma's gown's transformation here.
 This gown turned into a wrap gown for a preemie
 And 3 full term-3 month old outfits.

Gowns are always needed. We are planning a drop off at the end of June, so please consider helping us out.

It's Official!

I am pleased to announce that Danya's Gift is officially a 501c3 Federally recognized Community Charity! Now it's time to seek out some grants and really see what we can do! So excited!

Friday, February 26, 2016


Spring is right around the corner. New years resolutions have come and gone. Sigh, days fly past way to fast some day. Thanks to Facebook I know that 5 years ago we just made one of our bigger donations, 3 years ago we were bringing back donations from our trip to Minnesota, and here we are in 2016 getting ready to not only roll out a new project in earnest, but also letting our community know we exist and in a few short months we will be an official 501c3 if the feds work quickly.

IF you have never heard of Danya's gift take a minute to browse through the pages listed accross the top of the page. You will see a brief description of each of the projects we do and what we need to do them, as well as why we do what we do.

As always you are our greatest resource. If you are reading this it means you care enough to help. We've also added a donation button to our website all cash donations will go towards these projects.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

New Things On the Horizon

Amazing things are happening with Danya's gift. We have now entered phase 2 of our process to become a full fledged 501-C3 corporation. This will mean bigger and better things for Danya's gift in the future. This means we can apply for grants to be able to do more, we will be able to dream big. It also means more work and some new projects. Stay tuned because soon you will see more details about new projects and needs. Can't wait for all that is coming!

2015 Girl Scout Cookie Partnership

For 3 years running now Troop 590 out of Waipahu, Ewa, and Kapolei has partnered with us to provide Celebration boxes for Kapiolani Hospital. It has been a treat to see the girls grow as they serve and learn about those who are not as fortunate as them health wise. This year the girls made 42 celebration boxes! What a great gift they have given to the keiki of Kapi'olani Medical Center.
Way to go Girls!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Girl Scout Cookies Help Kids at Kapi'olani have a Happy Birthday!

Once again this year a Girl Scout troop will be partnering with us to provide amazing things to Kapi'olani Medical Center. Troop 590 of Waipahu/Kapolei begins their cookie booth sales today!

Troop 590 has had quite a year so far collecting items for an orphanage and school in Cebu City, Philippines, and earning tons of badges. Now it's time to sell cookies. Through their cookie sales they will be raising money for their troop to do an extra fun activity this summer, as well as pay their registration and dues for next year. But the reason why we are so excited is that a portion of their earnings will also go toward preparing celebration boxes for the keiki of Kapi'olani Medical Center. To find out more about Celebration boxes click here. Don't need any cookies? No worries. They are also collecting donated boxes to deliver to the Ronald McDonald House near the Hospital for the families of ill children who are staying there during treatment. Many of those families medical bills are so high that every little taste of luxury is a gift. Please help them meet all of their goals.

March 1  Menchies in Kapolei 3-7 pm
March 2 Walgreens Ewa Beach 9am-1pm

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Celebration Boxes For Kapi’olani

The staff at Kapiolani Hospital guestimate that 50 children celebrate their birthday in the Hospital each year. Kids who are hospitalized on their birthday, typically kids with long term illnesses like Cancer, may not have fancy decorations or any other fun stuff to accessorize their celebration. This is not a way for a kid to feel the hope of recovery. If we put together boxes with party supplies then the kids can have a real birthday party in the hospital. The Celebration boxes may also be used for celebrating other milestones as well; things like a final Chemo treatment, an especially rough week of treatment being over, or just a need for a little sunshine in their day. Below you will find a list of suggestions. We suggest that each girl puts at least one box together. If you find good deals feel free to put together as many as you would like or let each sibling put one together for a kid their own age, or recruit aunties, uncles and cousins to put one together too.
 It is totally up to you. In a plastic shoe box size storage container put any of the following:
 8 plates (new in package)
8 cups (new in package)
Party blowers (new in package)
Party favors
 Table cloths
 8 Napkins (new in Package)
 Small gift item (coloring book and crayons or hot wheels car, mini lego set, etc.)
Birthday card from your child

 When you or your group has finished your collection contact us and we will help you coordinate your drop off, or add it to our annual drop off. Mahalo for your support. For more information on how you can help Contact Pastor Laura at or Check out the blog site or facebook page. All Donations are Tax Deductable